Ven. Dr. Sylvester ‘Yomi Oluajo. A “cradle” born Anglican in Nigeria. I was ordained into a Diaconate ministry of the Anglican Church in 2001, after three years’ seminary training and later priested in 2002 in the Diocese of Ibadan North, Anglican Communion.

I have served in various capacities of the church as a worker in-charge, assistant priest, Bishop ’s chaplain, and vicar in about five different parishes since my ordination. I serve presently as the Supervisor of a Deanery of eleven parishes and as the Diocesan Evangelist/Missioner of my Diocese.
My theology is “Christian singularity of faith.” It means, everyone is important, unique, and special to God. Therefore, you should appreciate other peoples’ giftedness without racial or religious discriminations. More so, People’s practice of faith and creeds should be appreciated since “nobody has the final answer.” We are all trying-on.
I love youth ministry for its special voice that adds flavor to the community and the world generally. If there is an investment that has yielded more dividends in my sacramental ministry; it is an investment in prayer and in the mutual ministry.
I am married to “Blessed” with a gift of three children, two boys, and a girl:
Jedidiah, Jedidah and Jedaiah.

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