Pritchard Jacques, also known as Mr. P, is a successful business owner and an amazing father. Throughout his life, he continuously shows great amounts of leadership and responsibility.

Born in Haiti, his journey started when he moved to America at only 12 years old. Even at a young age he showed academic strength, musical talent, and leadership. Being that he was new to the country, he had to work harder for everything he achieved in life.

After meeting the love of his life in high school, they eventually got married and had 3 beautiful daughters. Soon after his third child, he grew an interest in photography. His passion for photography began with him taking pictures for family members and small family gatherings. But eventually, this grew into what is now known as Mr.P’s Photography.

After running for nine years, the family ran business continues to rapidly grow and succeed. While this is one of his major accomplishments, Pritchard says his biggest accomplishment is raising three amazing daughters. He always sets a great example for them by demonstrating hard work, good character, and perseverance. He has raised his daughters to have strong morals and values, and to dream big. He continuously ensures them that they can be whatever they work towards and to never allow an obstacle to stand in their way of success. As a father, he takes pride in being able to witness every milestone his children have taken. From hearing, “I love dada” for the first time, to giving his daughters their very first driving lessons, he has taken the initiative to be a part of their every day life changes as they grow.

Pritchard Jacques was one of the five recipient of The Noble Men & Father’s Award 2020, presented by The Voice organization.

Pritchard will join our team of Advisors and our men’s platform to move the vision of The Voice to fruition. We are blessed to have you on our team Pritchard. May God bless you with all that you need to fulfill your commitment. Amen ?

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