72 Core Members

72 Core Members

The Voice shall have 72 Core members per time. The following obligations will be required to be considered and admitted to The Voice 72 Core Members:

1. Members shall regularly attend and participate in all meetings of the Organization, including meetings or conversations on the Organization's social media platforms or groups.

2. Financial Obligations – 72 members will contribute a monthly fee of an amount decided by the Board of directors.

3. Vote & Voice: Core members will be involved in decision-making and let their voices be heard.

4. Core members will practice The Voice values as found in the twelve principles of Christ in their life, home, and career.

5. Members must be in The Prayer Room and intercede for at least 30 minutes in a week.

6. Members will maximize their potential, be progressive, and will be accountable.

7. Members will be a part of a small group

8. Members will be a voice in their community.

9. Members will be active in at least one of The Voice's ministries or programs.

All the 72 Core members shall be part of a smaller group for better connection and accountability.

  1. Each group shall be assigned a leader to guide and coordinate the group. 
  2. The name of each group shall be derived from the 12 principles of Christ as found on the Organization’s website – https://thevoicef.org/faith. Each leader must embody, defend and teach the name of their group. Leaders will personify this name and transmit it to all members. The group name should guide all discussions and actions.
  3. Mobilization: It is the leader’s responsibility to mobilize and encourage the group members to attend all necessary programs, including youth, young adults, women, men’s programs, and special programs. 
  4. Leaders of each small group shall serve as the host and the shepherd. They will be expected to create an atmosphere of trust, belonging, friendship, celebration, vulnerability, and openness within the group. 
  5. Leaders will notify and update the President and the Board of directors about group members’ concerns. The leader will follow up on members’ welfare and know their needs. Leaders will host in-person meetings when the need arises and as appropriate. 
  6. Accountability: It is the leader’s responsibility to remind members about their duties and obligations as a core member i.e., the monthly membership fees, etc. Leaders must lead by example while holding their members accountable.  
  7. The leader will facilitate or delegate a member to facilitate a topic of discussion in line with the theme for the month with the resources chosen or any other key subject matter.



Members will contribute a monthly fee of an amount decided by the Board of directors. Monthly payments are due on the 10th day of every month. A Member who missed the 10th-day deadline should remit their fees before the end of the month or be considered defaulting. 



  1. Programs: Members are required to attend all special programs and workshops that are relevant to their individual life, family, and ministry, i.e. The Brigade Youth program, The Abigails’ Women’s Program, The Men’s Forum, etc.
  2. Annual Meeting: An annual meeting shall be held once each calendar year for spiritual empowerment, education, the election of leaders, and the transaction of other businesses that may properly come before the convention. The annual meeting shall be held at a time and place designated by the Board of Directors. All members are required to attend.
  3. Special Meetings: Special meetings may be requested by the President or the Board of Directors from time to time and as needed.
  4. QUORUM: A quorum will consist of a simple majority (51%) of the 72 Core Members. A quorum of the Core Members must be present to conduct a meeting and make major decisions.  

Removal of Members

Upon a written notice, and after providing an opportunity to be heard, a defaulting member shall be subject to removal by the Board of directors at a meeting called for that purpose. A defaulting member is one who has failed to fulfill their obligations for three consecutive months.
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