The Vision Statement

The Pathway to Wholeness

Creating the pathway to wholeness, one person at a time, The Voice Inc will collaborate with artists, cultural groups, dance instructors, poets, music teachers, and creative writers, and through the 4 steps curriculum of an Individualized, Education, Spiritual and Social Plan, we will support individuals and groups in our community to claim their identity in all beauty and ashes, and develop into moral, spiritual, successful, and civically-engaged persons.

We are creating a global, diverse family village of support, empowerment, and accountability. A place of belonging where people feel seen, known, and heard, thereby leading to wholeness and fulfillment of purpose.

Like the early Church community in the Acts of The Apostles, the vision of The Voice is to create a place of belonging for people with diverse cultures, ages, and status for the singular purpose of fulfilling one’s life-giving purpose. A community where no one lacks because everyone gives. A place of trust and vulnerability without shame or judgment. A sibling-like community – The Voice Global family.

We do not serve the weak or the broken. What we serve is the wholeness in each other and the wholeness in life. The part in you that I serve is the same part that is strengthened in me when I serve. Unlike helping and fixing and rescuing, service is mutual ~ Rachel Naomi Remen.

Our Dream Campus

We dream of a village campus where The Voice family will live together with all resources for children, young adults, women, and men. A place of serenity, peace and wholeness. A village where strength and weaknesses can dwell together without arrogance or shame.