The Voice is a faith-based, 501C3 non-profit organization. We have the mandate of using Christ’s Principles to help people claim their identity, in all beauty and ashes, by creating safe places of belonging, advocating for social justice and providing basic human needs, for individuals and groups, who have long been alienated, forgotten or silenced, because of their unique differences.

  • Claim Identity
  • Create safe places of belonging
  • Advocate for Social Justice
  • Provide basic needs and resources

what We Do

  1. We help people to claim their identity in all beauty and ashes.
  2. We challenge people to maximize their potentials.
  3. We hold people accountable.

How We Serve

  1. We create safe places of belonging.
  2. We advocating for social justice.
  3. We provide basic human needs.

Who We Serve

  1. Individuals (Children, Young adults, Women and Men).
  2. Groups (Organizations).
  3. The alienated.
  4. The forgotten.
  5. The silenced.
  6. People with unique differences.

Our Methodology

We have the mandate of using Christ’s Principles in all we do.  Studying Jesus and his approach to life and people. Jesus’ reaction to suffering, injustice and poverty. We are challenged by Jesus’ teachings and commandments. We are looking unto Jesus as role model, the author and the finisher of our faith.