Women’s Program


Reaching out to all girls, ladies, and women of all
cultures, faith, and status. We are committed to affirming women’s wisdom by loving unconditionally, listening without a judgmental spirit, strategically working towards a goal and praying without ceasing.


How We Got Here

In his works with the youth of Brockton, Rev. Moses Sowale discovered that wholeness cannot be achieved without parallel support from the parents, especially the moms of the many children he
serves in the Brigade Youth Program. Inspired by the vulnerability, courage, and the love for his own
mother, Abigail Adefuye Sowale (who brought him up as a single parent after losing his father at an
early age), Rev. Moses envisioned the Abigail’s Women’s Project to be a sacred space, for the support
and affirmation of Women’s Wisdom.


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Local Members




Years of Impact


Abigails Monthly Program

We meet every first Saturday of the month at 2 pm Eastern Time. Our monthly program features various topics including mental health, marriage and relationships, parenting, financial empowerment, career and professional development etc. 


Our WhatsApp Group

Our WhatsApp group is a platform for women to celebrate, educate, share, learn, and be empowered. 


The Abigail’s program engages girls ages five through twelve. We support teenagers ages thirteen through eighteen, and we empower young ladies and women of all culture and status, including the married and singles.

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Donate To Support The Abigails

The Abigail’s ability to empower women in our local and global community depends on the generosity of individuals like you. Your donations will help to achieve our mission of Reaching out to all girls, ladies, and women of all cultures, faith, and status. Please consider making a donation today. Thank you!

“The IESSP Mentoring for Women"

A new ME EVOLVED, and I am grateful especially to Rev. Moses for putting together such a brilliant and result oriented curriculum and, for been out rightly objective. I recommend for anyone who believes there is more to you than who you are right now.
olabisi adejumo

The Abigail's Women Program