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Within the diversity of The Voice, there are plenty of ways to become involved. One of these ways is to become a member of The Voice. Being a member simply means becoming an essential part of the community and joining us in sharing new experiences together. As a member, you are able to directly access the resources and programs that we provide.

The Voice members include all persons who believe in the tenets and the mission of The Voice as expressed in The 12 Principles of Christ and have duly registered their intention on The Voice Website.  

We look forward to welcoming you as part of The Voice Family. Please register below:

Global Family

The Voice Global Family (TVF) includes all persons who believe in the mission and vision of The Voice. Global members are welcome to join any of our programs and voice their interests on our Global platforms.

72 Core Members

The Voice shall have 72 Core members per time. Core members have voice and votes in every decisions of The Voice. Several obligations are required to be considered and admitted to The Voice 72 Core.


Our team grows stronger when more and more people chose to volunteer and serve The Voice. Please click on the button below to volunteer in our programs