Champions Club

The Champions Club of Brockton will collaborate with Lakewood ministry of Houston Texas to create a space for children with special needs and their families. Our mission will be to help in Discovering, Claiming and Developing the uniqueness of every Child. Champions Club’s focus is on spiritual growth through God’s Word, developing the intellect of each participant through the five senses, educationally through various learning tools, as well as engaging the child physically during active gross motor fun. 

Our program will be opened on Sundays beginning from 8am through 8pm. Parents will have the opportunity to drop off and pick up their children, and they will have the options to either worship together with The Champions Club or go to their choice worship place in Brockton or the South Shore area.

Join us in making a difference and impacting the lives of children with special needs and their families. Click the button below to apply now:


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IESSP for Children with Special Needs

The IESSP is designed to help individuals claim their unique identity, discover their special abilities and educational learning styles, find their unique connection with God and be reconciled to their unique person or community of belonging. The curriculum will be used in the context of one-on-one mentoring, life coaching and pastoral care and counseling.  

According to the information on the Champions Club of Lakewood Ministry in Houston Texas, there are over 30 million kids and teens in America alone with special needs. That means millions of families cannot take their children to church because they don’t have adequate programs for their needs. There are many children and parents of special needs children in Brockton looking for a safe, spiritual engaging space for their children. This parents wants to make sure that their children are safe and that they can worship in their own unique ways, so these parents too can go to worship at their church. We are aware that some parents are also looking for a before and after school programs.

Let’s work together to make a difference in the lives of these special children and their families. Apply now by clicking the button below.