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We are blessed with ancient resources, such as music, messages, movies, and books, The Voice through The Mirror is committed to the documentation, preservation, lending, and recommending of such evergreen resources and making them accessible for the coming generation.

The Identity Educational Spiritual and Social Plan (IESSP), otherwise known as the pathway to wholeness, is a mentorship and discipleship program designed to empower people to discover their true identities, excel in their education and career, deepen their spirituality, and strengthen their social support network. At The Mirror, our calling is to walk with you on your journey to healing and thriving. We will offer guidance, support, and encouragement along your path. 

We envisage a time when sound doctrines and words of wisdom will become scarce and not readily available or accessible. The Voice hopes to provide as many resources to our members and make them available for the generation to come.

focus for the month

Who is God?

The Time to Live is Now | Lygon Steven

I climb because I love the mountains…and meet God there.

Climbing the mountains of Colorado brought a sense of peace and an overwhelming feeling of being in the presence of God to 20-year-old Lygon Stevens. However, while making her way up to Little Bear Peak in southern Colorado in January 2008 with her brother, Nick, the sudden and unexpected sweep of an avalanche ended her life.

Welcome to January!

Our IESSP focus for this month is Who is God?

The God of the Bible is not merely one of many gods from which we may pick and choose to worship. He is God and God alone – the omnipotent creator and redeemer of humanity. God is also not to be put on par with other supposed deities. There is only one God for us: the Father, from whom all things came and through whom we live, move and have our being. Please watch a series per week from “The time to live is now” –

Throughout this month, children, young adults, women, and men will grapple with the many questions surrounding the personality of God. We will engage the RightNowmedia production on the true life story of Lygon, a young girl who walked with God until her tragic death from climbing the mountains.

By the end of these studies, I hope you will deepen your relationship with God and challenge your assumptions about religion. You will love and worship God for the right reasons, with or without rewards. Above all, I hope that you will live without fear – not even the fear of death.

Please engage this series in your small groups, in the prayer rooms, and at all gatherings and platforms. Let 2023 be the year of our King and His Kingdom.


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