We are blessed with ancient resources, such as music, messages, movies, and books, The Voice through The Mirror is committed to the documentation, preservation, lending, and recommending of such evergreen resources and making them accessible for the coming generation.

The Identity Educational Spiritual and Social Plan (IESSP), otherwise known as the pathway to wholeness, is a mentorship and discipleship program designed to empower people to discover their true identities, excel in their education and career, deepen their spirituality, and strengthen their social support network. At The Mirror, our calling is to walk with you on your journey to healing and thriving. We will offer guidance, support, and encouragement along your path. 

We envisage a time when sound doctrines and words of wisdom will become scarce and not readily available or accessible. The Voice hopes to provide as many resources to our members and make them available for the generation to come.

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God and Our Money - Dr Charles Stanley

When you consider your finances, what comes to mind? 

Join us as we uncover the truth behind the role of money in our Christian walk and learn valuable lessons on how your day-to-day spending can reflect your personal identity and relationship with God.

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In a world where entrepreneurship and wealth acquisition is now at the center stage, it’s essential to explore how we can balance our pursuit of money with our spiritual journey. Can we be financially successful and still serve God wholeheartedly? Is God interested in your resources and earthly possessions? These are some of the questions we will explore in this course.

In the Christian faith, the teachings of Jesus Christ offer valuable insights into the spiritual significance of wealth and material possessions. While warning against the perils of greed and the love of money, Jesus also emphasized the importance of stewardship, generosity, and prioritizing spiritual treasures over earthly riches.

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