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Having been blessed by ancient resources, such as music, messages, movies, and books, The Voice is committed to the documentation, preservation, lending and recommending of such evergreen resources and make them accessible for the coming generation.

We envisage a time when sound doctrines and words of wisdom will become scarce and not readily available or accessible. The Voice hopes to provide as many resources to our members and make them available for the generation to come.

focus for the month

Birth Stories

C-section (Cesarean Delivery) | Nucleus Medical Media

Everyone has a birth story and every birth story is different. Writing our birth stories down is a powerful way to preserve our life stories for ourselves and future generations. 


1. What is God telling you on this series? Reference a scenario where Jesus has demonstrated this Habitudes. How can I be like Jesus?

2. How can this help me to fulfill the vision of The Voice as a core member?

3. How can this help me in my relationships and family life?

4. How will this enhance my career and financial life?

5. What will I begin to do differently?

the pathway to wholeness four years plan

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