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“We believe the mission of the church matters. And we’ve seen how God can change lives through video resources. That’s why we developed RightNow Media. Now, every person in your church can access over 15,000 Bible studies. RightNow Media has studies for small groups, families, students, leadership development, and much more. Our content comes from over 250 top Christian publishers and ministries. And we produce exclusive studies and training just for you and your church. We hope to help you equip and disciple the people of your church.”

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RightNow Media

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RightNow Media is the world’s largest library of video-driven Bible study resources. When a Church Leader subscribes to RightNow Media, everyone in the church receives free access to thousands of inspirational videos for Christian small groups, men, women, young adults, teens, and children.

Along with being a great resource for adults, RightNow Media can be a great resource to use with your kids as well! With plenty of content to keep the kids entertained, RightNow Media can also be used as an educational tool when trying to come up with kid-friendly Bible Study or lessons.

Right Now Media will be your go to for your family!