Art & Painting


It uses mental imagery in the form of vision, audio, words, etc to evoke emotions. It is a force that affects the senses, speaks to deep seated feelings, and produces novel ideas, especially when it is crafted creatively. 



Painting is a form of art. In this case, paint is used to illustrate thought, individual, emotion, event, situation, nature, etc. Painting usually takes on several colors in a creative fashion in order to tell a story. It involves different kinds like abstract, surrealism, and oil painting. 

In our mission of helping people to claim their identity in all beauty and ashes, The Voice Inc collaborates with Patricia Druineaud, founder of Bourne Creative, to engage our community with Arts and Painting.

The pandemic brought on a spur of creativity into the mind of Patricia. She incorporated after-school art programs to give her children something to look forward to after the day-to-day routine of online classes. The art classes were used as a form of release and fun which they all thoroughly enjoyed. This was how Bourne Creative, a platform for training potential artists, came to life. 

From a young age, art has always been a part of Patricia’s life. She was so invested in it that in college, she studied Science in Graphic Design and graduated with honors. But like many with great dreams and high expectations, she had several obstacles that put hers on hold. 

During the pandemic, she was introduced to dotted bullet journals by her brother, Steve Edouard, CEO of Bontravail LLC and brand Delmas33, who had just started manufacturing and selling dotted bullet journals. While learning about these journals and being in her creative elements, Patricia discovered herself and her passion again. In her brother’s new venture, she was included as an artist to customize journals for potential clients. She took these ideas even a step further and started paint parties and journaling services during private events, school functions, youth groups, and more. 

Art & Paintings

The Voice is making art and painting classes available to children, women, and men in our community.

Art celebrates our uniqueness while connecting us through shared experiences. It allows individuals to escape day-to-day stressors, be inspired to create through a medium of social painting, journaling, or crafts. The Art Program will empower the youth and adults in the community to undertake ambitious projects that can help reinforce self-confidence, discover hidden talents, and enhance inner potential.

The overall purpose of the Art Program is to reduce the amount of time spent on electronic devices, improve creativity, and leave lasting memories, all the while creating something beautiful. The anticipated outcomes include an increase in academic performance, healthier relationships and life choices, better self-expression, enhanced self-esteem and confidence, strong communication skills, realistic goal setting, and the ability to self-reflect and properly manage emotions.

The Art Program is also keen on helping its students appreciate great moments in time, view art from diverse perspectives, and discover talents within. It seeks to use art as a medium of healing and freedom of expression without judgment. Students will develop connections, new skills, pride in being creative, and novel ideas. 

Our Art works

Take a peek inside our creative arts

In the summer of 2022, ten women were engaged in painting classes which enhanced their self-esteem, allowed them release stress, and connected them with other women in the community.

As part of our mission of creating safe places of belonging, the Art Program was established to provide the community with a dedicated program that emphasizes the importance of art, a program that awakens inner potentials and promotes healing and reconciliation. The program seeks to see the children, youth, women, and men reach their God-given potential for the good of the whole city. 

The Art class in the Pathway to Wholeness program will allow individuals in the community to discover themselves through creativity.

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