Creative Writing & Poetry

Creative Writing & Poetry

Creative writing is any type of writing that shows the use of the imagination and invention through fiction, poetry, or even articles that are written in this manner.

Poetry is a unique form of creative writing. It is a kind of literature written in verse that uses particular rhythm and patterns to evoke special emotions.


Creative writing & Poetry



We care about the minds of the youth and believe that involving them in such a creative manner will help them think out of the box and expand their ideas. The Voice Inc. helps the children channel their creative writing skills towards free expression of their hearts without holding back – to give them a voice.

A major advantage of this program is that through creative writing and poetry, students express their unique ideas and be who they need to be in a safe space. They share their perspectives without limitations, and give their opinions about the world. One can easily look at life through the words of a child. The Voice Inc. uses the Creative Writing and Poetry classes to understand the minds of the youth practicing the art.

This course also helps to improve the grammar, spelling, and general vocabulary of the students, because in the art of writing, one has to make sure that words are strung together correctly and sensibly. This program encourages active research and fact checking hence, broadening the mindset and expanding the knowledge of the students partaking of the classes.

The Voice Inc. strives to make the program a standard one and has therefore employed a creative writer and poet, Ore Oroge, who is passionate about the literary world and has even led many to discover themselves in this field.

Therefore, in collaboration with Ore, The Voice Inc. has taken up classes for youth to learn the art of creative writing with the hopes of broadening the minds of young people to see the world from a unique perspective.

Enjoy interactive classes on Creative Writing and Poetry

Creative writing speaks to the intellect, the emotions, and influences actions. It is like a force of nature that compels your thought to shift towards a given mindset. There are thousands of creative writers that have come and gone, both known and unknown, dead and living, but their works still speak to millions of people today. From the classics of old to contemporary literature, creative writing has remained a strong force in the literary world.

Creative writing consists of fiction (prose and drama), poetry, creative nonfiction, and scriptwriting. Looking at poetry specifically, it is usually written in lines and verse with rhythm, and may not even be up to a page sometimes. Other times, it could take more than five pages, especially if the poem is written in a narrative form. Poetry can also be recited or performed or even put into music. The beauty of poetry is expressed in its rendition.

Because of the uniqueness of this field, The Voice Inc. has organized Creative Writing and Poetry classes for the youth who are willing and eager enough to learn. Several young people have shown interest or some inkling towards the art of writing, and The Voice Inc. seeks to fan the flame of passion in them.