Dance & Culture

Dance & Culture

Dance is an act borne from culture. It is a succession of rhythmic movements performed to music for recreation or as a form of social interaction. Culture, in this context, is the conventional conduct of a community, that is, the system comprising the accepted norms and values of a society. Hence, certain dances are conventional to particular societies.

Dance is an expression, a kind of ocial interaction, and language. Different cultures have different meanings attached to the art of dance. Sometimes, it is even used as a form of exercise. This is because it has a refreshing effect and works as cardio exercise; it  helps to regulate heart rate which in turn, keeps the activity of blood flow going. In very many ways, dance is a healthy physical activity.

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Dance & Culture

Dance! …an act borne from culture


The Voice Inc. has introduced a Dance and Music Program that meets the needs of our high-risk, low-income youth for guidance, purpose, and support in a loving and caring environment. The dance program will reach children in the diverse immigrant communities of Brockton. Kids in our community are constantly overwhelmed by messages from disparate sources about who they are and who they should be. Many of these messages are detrimental to their emotional, mental, and physical health. The goal and ultimate benefit of this program is to make sure our children find their identity and purpose through positive influences and activities, rather than drugs and criminal activity.

The Voice Inc., ensures that the lessons take place in a communal environment, where all the students play music and dance together. This will foster quick learning and mastery of steps. Also, bonding and unity would be encouraged among the students.

The body cares about the spiritual growth and self-awareness of the youth, and has been able to generate resources to work in helping children claim their identity through the means of dance. The Voice Inc. is making continuous progress in properly inculcating strong spiritual and moral values, despite popular culture, into the minds of the students.

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A dance instructor, Chefiatou Tokou, has also been put in place to teach the interested youth dance. Chefiatou is  a passionate dancer who enjoys sharing her West African culture with her students, she motivates them to dream big and fully realize their life’s purpose through the exhilarating activity of dance. In accordance with the goals of The Voice Inc., Chefiatou uses choreography to promote unity and open-mindedness among all her students.


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