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To destroy a nation, destroy the men. Pharaoh did this to destroy the Israelites. He instructed the midwives to kill every male child. When the midwives would not listen to him, he gave the order to throw all the boys into the River Nile and let the girls live. Why the Boys?To destroy a nation, give the people a distorted view about men and fatherhood. Destroy their strength and heads. Destroy the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered. Make them see men as oppressive, arrogant, egocentric, too powerful and controlling.

Give the men a false image of themselves. Let the men think that they are gods who must be worshiped and adored. Let them be full of themselves and be oppressive. Let them roar to their wife and their children and let their household tremble at their appearing. Let them be selfish and arrogant. Let them be possessive, jealous and competitive, and finally fill them with bitterness, shame and be guilty of their failure and let them take their anger out on their loved ones.


Safe Space for Men

Knowing the revelations above, The Voice is committed to supporting, and empowering men, by raising boys and starting up with them early. We will collaborate with existing programs in our community and online networking. 

King Herod did it; he was insecure about the birth of Jesus. He tricked the wise men to bring him information about the baby Jesus so that he might kill him, but God instructed the wise men not to return to him, so he decided to kill every baby boy ages tow downward in Bethlehem, thinking to wipe Jesus off along with them. Why the boys?
To destroy a nation, give the women an abusive and selfish husbands. Let the women cry every night. Let them lose their self-esteem and worth. Let the women feel crazy and unimportant. Let them lose their sanity. Let them be overburdened and emotionally drained. Let their souls be thirsty. Give them coping skills to numb their pains. Let them drink, dance, shop, use medications, smoke and yell away their sorrow. Let their yelling scare their children so they will not trust them.

Who is it for?

Our men's program is for young and adult 30+ the program is open to both local and global community.

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