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Creating a safe community, one child at a time, the Brigade program helps to compliment the efforts of parents, educational, Christian and community organizations, through a four-step curriculum of an Individualized, Education, Spiritual and Social Plan (IESS). Through this, we will support our community's youth in developing into moral, spiritual, successful and civically engaged individuals.

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A Christian youth Program which began in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1883.

 Its founder, Sir William Alexander Smith, struck on the idea when he was a Sunday School teacher trying to engage a group of older boys, who – feeling too old for classes and aimless – were bored, restless and unruly. Smith, himself a volunteer soldier, decided to organize them into a volunteer youth brigade, with discipline and religious instruction at its core. To keep the interest of the boys, he combined it with band, drills, games, sports, hymns and recreational activities. Then, as now the Brigade sought to promote the habits of reverence, discipline, obedience and self-respect. The Brigade established the first voluntary, uniformed youth association in the world and popularized youth camping. many youth organizations today trace their roots to the Brigade movement.

In 2016, The Brigade Youth Program Brockton officially affiliated with the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade International, a global network with thousands of members worldwide. Click this registration link if you are looking for a youth program which can support your child’s spiritual and physical growth.

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Guiding your children in their Christian journey to become moral, spiritual, and successful adults.

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who is seen, heard and known

No one is the same. We have designed an individualized, integrated plan to guide each user toward success, taking into account individual backgrounds and experiences, and then laying out concrete goals and benchmarks. Throughout the curriculum, a user will explore topics surrounding their identity—from before they were born to the present. A user will wrestle with questions around stories about their birth. They will face questions like, “What happened before, during, and after you were born?” or, “What prophesy or event took place during your pregnancy?” Connecting yourself back to the place of belonging will bring about healing and reconnect you to the original source of life (God).

No one learns the same way. Our curriculum will help each user to overcome academic and individual learning challenges by building on individual inner knowledge, supporting strengths, and providing tools for triumph. We are advocating that Western education should embrace people’s natural abilities. This curriculum critically examines traditional education and helps users to explore how to use it to advance their natural skills (i.e., what can I do beyond the confines of classroom education).

No one is without the spirit. The IESSP curriculum will help each user discover their inner spirituality, moral discipline, and Christian values within a community of caring friends. The curriculum helps learners to understand the many aspects of spirituality. Users will explore spirituality as the measure of how willing they are to allow God to enter their lives and guide them along the way. Spirituality involves understanding the spiritual power of evil and good, and the power of God entering the world through us. Spirituality is not about rules, rituals, and man-made religions; rather, it is about having a relationship with God. Spirituality can be found in the ordinary things of life and unusual places. The primary question to be answered throughout the duration of this lesson is this: How do I connect to God?

No one is alone or without a community. The IESSP curriculum will help each user develop love and responsibility for themselves and others and help them realize that they are part of a loving community. Relationships or the lack of them can be a blessing or a curse. This curriculum focuses on cultivating healthy relationships with people from conception to old age. A user will examine the relationships they have with their parents, siblings, friends, spouses, coworkers, and children. Emphasis is placed on healing and wholeness through reconciliation.

The Brigade Youth Program Brockton