Adekunle Afolabi is firstly a child of God, with a passionate desire to grow deeper in his love for Jesus.

He serves as an intercessor and one of the prayer room coordinators in the Voice Inc. where he manages the prayer room and leads intercessory prayers. He also engages with the different teams in the Voice through prayers to support them in fulfilling their missions and goals.

His other engagement is in the technology sector, where he works as a software engineer in a leading location-based services company, HERE technologies based in Chicago, USA. He also engages as an educator that helps people simplify the process of learning and growth by providing structured and repeatable plans that can be applied to different areas of life.

His passion is to see lives transformed through God’s word and prayer, and see anyone no matter the status, grow in any area of life using structured plans that can be applied across different spheres.

He loves learning about Psychology, Business, and Entrepreneurship. I also love watching movies and documentaries Adekunle Afolabi is married and the marriage is blessed with 3 children.


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