Deborah Abiodun is a dedicated individual who takes great pride in her role as a child of God, daughter, wife, and mother of three beautiful girls. She has over thirteen years of experience in the education sector, working as a caring and knowledgeable educator who helps adult learners grow and develop social and career success skills.

Deborah is a talented professional with a wealth of experience in student assessment and mentorship. She possesses a deep understanding of the importance of catering to individual student needs, developing content to respond to student backgrounds, and feedback. She focuses on enhancing student knowledge and believes there are always ways to improve the success of each course. Her extensive experience includes developing and implementing learning activities, designing lesson plans around hands-on activities, and utilizing multimedia tools to enhance learning.

Deborah is passionate about supporting her students’ growth and development, imparting her knowledge effectively and ensuring each one of them succeeds. As a mentor, she is patient and empathetic in functioning as a sounding board to her wards, providing constructive feedback to help them develop life and career skills, who, in turn can become self-reliant and confident communicators.

In addition to her academic and professional careers, Deborah is a devoted wife and mother. She strives to strike a balance between her work and home life, always making time for her loved ones. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and engaging in community service initiatives that help others thrive. In summary, Deborah Abiodun is a caring, knowledgeable, and passionate educator with a talent for enhancing the success of her students while simultaneously balancing her life as a devoted wife and mother.

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