Gerly Adrien is the first Black, Haitian-American female City Councilor At-Large for the City of Everett, Massachusetts. She won on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 with landing in the number #1 spot, beating out two incumbents.

Gerly is compassionate about people and passionate about service. Gerly knows that fighting for fairness means ensuring individuals and families have access to the resources they need to have a better life. She wants to continue the fight to improve education, economic development and quality of life for the people of Everett.

Gerly was born in the Somerville Highland Ave apartments. Both her parents were born in Haiti. Gerly is very proud to be Haitian-American. As the oldest with her siblings, Gerly’s parents instilled in her and her two brothers the importance of serving others, and she has carried that value with her wherever she has gone in life.

These qualities makes Gerly a perfect fit for The Voice’s mission of using Christ’s principles to help people claim their identity, in all beauty and ashes, by creating safe places of belonging, advocating for social justice and providing basic human needs, for individuals and groups, who have long been alienated, forgotten or silenced, because of their unique differences.

Gerly will join our team of Advisors to move the vision of TheVoice Fingerprint to fruition. We are blessed to have you on our team Gerly. May God bless you with all that you need in order to fulfill your commitment. Amen

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