Unassuming, prayerful, optimistic, and self-reliant, Marian Abiodun is a graduate of accounting and Business administration from the Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria. After relocating to the United States, she pursued another career in the health field. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts with B.SC in Exercise and Health Science and is currently working on her Nursing degree.

Marian has a mindset of abundance, which informs her passion for mission and outreach. She wants to see people empowered and equipped to fulfill their God’s given potentials.

She was born in Oyo state in the beautiful city of Ibadan. Marian’s parents are fashion designers from which she derived her love for creativity and design. Marian is the CEO of Ezdais decoy party planner and event designs in Massachusetts.

Marian is an advocate for human rights, striving to be a voice for the oppressed and women’s liberation. She delights in helping people to unlock their hidden potentials. Marian is the eldest and the only girl of four siblings’ brothers. She loves adventures, traveling, listening to music, and dancing. Marian loves to laugh, keep fit, and make new friends. Marian is a mother of three wonderful, smart boys.


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