Villeroy Tah is passionate about seeking justice for underserved populations. This interest is driven by common knowledge of social injustice, especially with problems we (humans) created out of impatience and intolerance of experiencing anything different from the “expected” norm.

Whether the difference is in health status, race, socio-economic status, gender e.t.c, I have learned to create a balance for myself and for the people I come into contact with. Given the forum and access-opportunity, I am able to through education, engagement, listening, counseling and outreach, impact policies that may reduce the gap in social justice.

This interest & passion of mine aligns with the Mission of The Voice . It is a pleasure to be given the opportunity to push forward the agenda to achieve “wholeness”.

Villeroy Tah, MSN, RN. Who previously directed the Care Management Department at a Community Health Center in Worcester now works as a   Surveyor for Health Care Facilities at Massachusetts Dept of Public health. She has interest in Disease management, population health and community health, safety and quality assurance, health policies and is currently seeking her Doctorate Degree in Nursing.

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